Mozilla Firefox 2017 , a new experiment of surfing the web,  free of cast and easy to use web browser and selected by millions of users around the world. highest security improvement and many extensions to customize your surfing.

Tabs: with this feature you can Visit many sites in a one single window, navigating rapidly and effectively.

Password Manager: with using  this feature you passwords and login information will be saved in the browser to use them in the future without need to taping them again and again.

Click Favorites: save and organized your favorites websites and search among them quickly

The first thing that becomes noticeable when using Firefox 2017 Download its ease to navigate the web.  You will be a able to open several sites  at the same time and have them available in different tabs gives us a global view of all the websites. In the result that it is more known to us open a window for each link as in the previous version of internet explorer, we can configure it to do so. This is possible for both open sites from Mozilla Firefox as for opening from any external program.firefox 2017

Mozilla Firefox can memorize the pages you have been visited for a period of time that can be defined. When you typing the address of a page, the program will try to complete it with any of the ones it has stored. This saves us from typing the full address of those sites we visit regularly, even if we have not saved them in our favorites function. We can also set it to remind you of the information we write when filling out a form and even the passwords of positive websites. These passwords can be protected using a master key, which we entered before Mozilla Firefox show us the stored passwords. This ensures that even if anyone access to our computer, no one can use our keys to access secure sites, such as our bank accounts.



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